More geography

The first and most obvious benefit from having cloud management is lack of any geographical limitations. Access control can be spread between locations, cities, countries or even continents. Each access point can be managed directly from the cloud. Alarms can travel instantly from one part of the world to the other disregarding the language or time zone barriers. The distance becomes irrelevant.

More security

Less and less people would argue that internet security is not (yet) adequate for physical access control. Actually, it is increasingly recognized that internet security is on the forefront of security technologies. We agree.

As you would expect, Door Cloud works only with secure protocols and devices. Only best practices and standards have been used. Security measures applied are comparable to those used by online banking applications.

Less hassle

Another huge benefit of having cloud based access control is convenience. The system management can be shared to any extent between the client’s own employees, hired security personnel, or security service providers. They all access Door Cloud online with their own individual set of permissions. So for example, lost badges can be dealt with internally, but any incident involving a blacklisted badge would be escalated directly to security provider’s staff. With unprecedented flexibility of management roles, it is client’s own decision exactly how much control is outsourced to security professionals and how much is kept in-house.

Better economy

As a service, Door Cloud does not require purchasing of software or even hardware. The service is covered by monthly subscription, controllers and readers are rented*. So it is all OPEX and no CAPEX, so CFOs love it!

*) The availability of renting and renting terms and conditions may vary. See here for more

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