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As a Door Cloud user, you will enjoy the latest advances in access control, such as:

  • You will be able to open doors using your mobile phone or Apple Watch.
  • You may not even need any card or fob, but you will be able to continue using them if you wish.
  • With sufficient access permissions, you will be able to open doors from anywhere, any time. Think of opening your office to a colleague when you are away.
  • You will be able to give temporary access permission to anyone with a phone and internet connection. Think of allowing your guest visitors to use your parking and rooftop cafeteria access freely for a while.
  • You will be able to report security-related events from your phone and be informed about the developments.
  • With sufficient security permissions, you will be able to change door mode of operation (locked, unlocked, or normal).
  • If you are a security professional, you will be able to rapidly respond to alarms and incidents from your phone.

Exact set of features depends on the purchased plan and usage policies, so some of the above features my be limited or unavailable in your organisation.

doorcloud faq doorcloud faq


Where can I buy Door Cloud access control?

Door Cloud is offered to end-users exclusively through local partners. Leave your contact info bellow and we will find you the nearest one.

What is the range for opening doors with smartphone?

In normal circumstances when everything is online, you can open doors from anywhere. If your phone is offline or the system is offline, you will be limited by the range of the Bluetooth connection between the door controller and the phone.

What is the latency, the time needed for the door to open from the app?

Although due to network performance the latency may vary, in most circumstances, the waiting time for the door lock to open is in the range of 1 second.

Can I open a door with the card if there is no internet (the door controller is offline)?

Yes, you can. Door controllers maintain the local copy of the  data needed for autonomous operation. The connection is needed only for making changes.

Can I open a door with the smartphone if there is no internet (either the phone or the controller is offline)?

You can using the Zone BT Option, a small USB device which attaches to Zone Spot controller and enables direct communication via Bluetooth.

Can I open a door with Apple Watch when offline?

No. Currently, Apple Watch needs to be online either by itself or via nearby iPhone.

Can I allow my guests to open doors themselves using a mobile phone?

Yes. You can send them the »Key Link«, a link they can use to open doors form their phone.

Does the guest need to download the Door Cloud app?

No, the Key Link is a standard web link that can be used directly from the phone browser.

Can I limit the Key Link use?

Yes, you can issue the Key Link for a certain date/time range and you can recall it at any time.

Will I be able to track the Key Link usage?

Yes, you will be able to see access log with records for each time your guests opened the door using the Key Link.

What are the conditions for technical support?

All Door Cloud users with online account enjoy free technical support directly from the Door Cloud support staff through built-in chat system with response time up to next business day.

Can I use Door Cloud and intercom on the same door?

Yes. You can use Door Cloud on any door which unlocks with electrical pulse.

Is there a limit for number of users or number of doors?

No, there is no limit. Door Cloud system can have hundreds of doors and thousands of users.

Does Door Cloud support any wireless, on-door lock installation?

Yes, in case of such requirement, Door Cloud provides support for commercial grade, high quality wireless locks from Aperio.

Does Door Cloud support card based access control?

Yes, you can connect most RFID card readers to Door Cloud controllers and open doors using RFID cards, badges or fobs.

Does Door Cloud support WiFi or 4G connectivity?

Yes, in cases where the Ethernet is not available anywhere near the door, you can connect Door Cloud controller to the internet via 4G or WiFi.

Door Cloud is offered to end-users exclusively through local partners.

Leave your contact and we will find you the nearest one.