The Smartest Access Control in the Cloud

  • Use existing cards and readers
  • Use bluetooth readers with vendor mobile apps
  • Use Door Cloud mobile app without any cards or readers
  • Use any standard electric strikes
  • Use Aperio wireless locks
  • Use all of the above at the same time!

Cover more ground

The first and most obvious benefit of cloud management is the lack of any geographical limitations.

Access control can be shared between locations, cities, countries or even continents, with each access point being managed directly from the cloud.

Alerts can instantly travel from one part of the world to the other, regardless of language or time zone.

Distance simply becomes irrelevant.

Greater security

Although some people might argue that internet security is not (yet) adequate for physical access control, it is actually being established that internet security is at the forefront of security technologies.

And we agree.

Door Cloud works exclusively with secure protocols and devices, ensuring both best practice and the highest standards.

The security measures we employ are comparable to those used by online banking applications, so you can rest assured your data is always safe, always secure.

Less hassle

Another enormous benefit of cloud-based access control is convenience.

System management can be divided, as required, between the client’s own employees, contracted security personnel or security service providers.

All authorized users can access Door Cloud online, each with their own individually defined permissions.

So, for example, a lost badge can be dealt with internally, but any incident involving a blacklisted badge can be directly escalated to the security provider’s staff.

Using unprecedented management role flexibility, the client decides exactly how much control is outsourced to external security professionals and how much is kept in-house.

Better economy

Because it’s a service, Door Cloud doesn’t require the purchase of any software or even any hardware.

The service is covered by monthly subscription, with controllers and readers being provided on a rental basis*.

So it’s all OPEX and no CAPEX – which CFOs love!

*) Rental availability as well as terms and conditions may vary. See here for more

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