Asmag Featured Article: Cloud Access Control and The Fear of Hacking

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There are many advantages of access control in the cloud. The main objection, however, has been internet security, or simply put the fear of hacking. To be able to properly weigh the benefits against the risks, we need to address security concerns specific to cloud access control.

In the cloud, internet security is a natural concern. For security applications such as access control, the security of the cloud platform is paramount. So, let’s explore what the specific security risks of cloud-based access control are.

What we can realize very quickly is that most security risks are not specific to access control, such as hacking into or disrupting cloud servers. Or hacking into mobile devices, stealing digital security credentials through software vulnerabilities and social engineering. All these risks are well known and apply to online security in general, in a similar way to online banking. And if it is good enough for them, it should be good enough for us, right? So far so good!

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