Ditch the badges and save the oceans

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Got another fancy loyalty card? It gives you a 20% discount for your next car rental, so you consider keeping it. But where? Your wallet is already clogged with ATM cards, credit cards, ID cards, insurance cards, membership cards, fishing permit cards, loyalty cards (admit it) and well, your access control card.

Inevitably, cards clog your wallet, so you have to decide which to take with you, and which to leave at home. And you know perfectly well, those left at home are going to be out of reach when you need them.

The truth is, nobody likes plastic cards. Thanks to smartphones, they are already on their way out. Each minute a card gets replaced by a smartphone app. The writing is on the wall – your access control card is next!

Talking about access control (apparently not incidentally), the currently popular way to lose the cards is to install the new generation of card readers featuring Bluetooth connectivity, for example, HID Mobile Access. The good news about “Bluetooth card readers” is that well, they are card readers, so you can still read cards with them, and use cards and smartphones simultaneously. The bad news is that you need a new kind of card readers in order to eliminate cards … a bit of a Monty Python situation.

This is where Door Cloud shines. Door Cloud mobile app communicates directly to servers so there is no need for any readers. This means you don’t need to invest in new card readers to eliminate cards. It also means that if you still need cards, you can keep using them with conventional readers. And with Door Cloud you can use Bluetooth readers as well, so you are free to choose any card elimination strategy you like.

Plastic cards are not the main polluter of the oceans, we know. But anyway, eliminating any plastic from use is a good thing. And by the way, do not forget to dispose of your cards safely, we don’t want them to end up choking any whales, do we?